About Garrard

Dr. Garrard McClendon is an associate professor at Chicago State University, the author of Ax or Ask? The African American Guide to Better English and the editor of Donda’s Rules: The Scholarly Works of Dr. Donda West (Mother of Kanye West).

McClendon has earned several other awards including an Emmy Award, the One Region Award, Associated Press Award, an NAACP Champion Award, a LINKS award, a Human Relations Commission Leadership Award, and the Monarch Award. 

McClendon is a cancer survivor fulfilling the legacy of his parents by being the Executive Director of the Milton & Ruby McClendon Scholarship Fund, and he is on the boards of the Sheila A. Doyle Foundation, Art of Culture Foundation, and The Reporter’s Inc., Student African American Brotherhood Foundation, and the National Association of Wabash Men. He is also the director of the anti-violence film, “Forgiving Cain.”

Your book would have been effective if only one page long…that page dealing with “ax or ask.” You are courageous.

Kurt Vonnegut

Everyone was impressed with McClendon’s dynamic style and delivery. Holding

Dr. Gloria Lindsey

In my experience, Black people are as eager to discuss “aks” as others, including Garrard McClendon.

John McWhorter