Border Buddies or Enemies?

On the premiere episode of CounterPoint with Garrard McClendon, we’re talking about the State Line. Indiana and Illinois share a border, but is it a concrete barrier or a blurred line between consumers and businesses? We sit down with Erika Fizer, Speros Batistatos, Matt Reardon, and Patrick Reardon to discuss the business of the border.Continue reading “Border Buddies or Enemies?”

What is Your Favorite 3rd Space?

Dr. Richard Florida’s book “The Rise of the Creative Class” explores how our third spaces, places other than work and home, add to our creativity and peace of mind. Concerts, coffee shops, libraries, and more help draw creative people and increase jobs and revenue. We’re talking with Alexx Dupri, Erika Gilchrist, and Tellie Woods andContinue reading “What is Your Favorite 3rd Space?”